Second #MailART group

For those interested, we will run a second #MailArt group in July with an August deadline. Keep an eye out for future blog posts. Leave your name and comments below, if your interested. See previous blog post for the rules and ideas on the first group.

However, go ahead and start some discussion in comment box here below. I think we should think about looking for venues for a MailArt exhibition. Talk it up, along with whatever concerns you have. Help each other, I won’t be so available in the coming weeks.

Since personally, we are moving, having a baby and looking for a “real job”, I won’t be doing anything about the second #MailArt exchange, until the second week in July. Until then I will collect addresses, listen to your views and send out info for new groups with a July 19 deadline to enter, and an August 31st deadline for mailing.

115 Comments on “Second #MailART group”

  1. […] 30, 2009 When I signed up for Mail Art, I thought, “This will be easy.” I stand […]

  2. Julie Caves says:

    Anticiiii—–pation !

  3. Karen Krause-Kimmel says:

    My e-mail address was indeed wrong. (Left the “p” out of photo.) Corrected it here and in a Direct Mail.

    I look forward to receiving info to begin.

  4. B Supra says:

    Would love to join in if I can
    -@suprachib (twitter)

  5. Joanna says:

    Are we sticking to a theme this time? Or is that up to the individual?

  6. Compiling mailing lists… hope to have them emailed to participants tomorrow.

  7. Thia Fin says:

    Haven’t heard, hope I’m in…did you get my correct twitter name thiafinart?

  8. Thia Fin says:

    oops, gave you wrong twitter name…thaifinart. Has there been new info posted?

  9. meliss says:

    ok. i’m in. i worried a bit about the time and when, in between caring for 4 kids, i’m gonna do it, but i realized that’s just an excuse. i’m pretty good at finding time when i really need to.

  10. Tracey says:

    This looks fun, only sorry I missed out on the first one. I actually have stuff in ‘almost ready’ state.
    Can I still join in ?
    @traceyart on twitter

  11. Julia says:

    Too late to sign up?

    Is it okay if I’m a *crap* artist?

    @juliabrown on twitter

  12. ThiessChristian says:

    I’m in for sending thirty people (fellow artist) my thirty mailart works in the near future , right! thiessbiz@gmail

  13. Museum Nerd says:

    I’m in! These things keep me creating. Thanks to @Art_News for organizing another one.
    Cheers, @museumnerd

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