Second #MailART group

For those interested, we will run a second #MailArt group in July with an August deadline. Keep an eye out for future blog posts. Leave your name and comments below, if your interested. See previous blog post for the rules and ideas on the first group.

However, go ahead and start some discussion in comment box here below. I think we should think about looking for venues for a MailArt exhibition. Talk it up, along with whatever concerns you have. Help each other, I won’t be so available in the coming weeks.

Since personally, we are moving, having a baby and looking for a “real job”, I won’t be doing anything about the second #MailArt exchange, until the second week in July. Until then I will collect addresses, listen to your views and send out info for new groups with a July 19 deadline to enter, and an August 31st deadline for mailing.

115 Comments on “Second #MailART group”

  1. Andrea says:

    Also, just to be sure I get this right:
    1. I DM Mark my address and contact info.
    2. By mid July I will receive from Mark a list of 30 addresses of people who will receive art cards from me.
    3. I will mail out my art cards to my list by August 21.
    4. I will also receive about 30 art cards from other participants.

    Even though it increases postage, I would love to have this be an international experience.

    • Yes, Andrea, that’s right. DM your mailing address and email together before July 14. I am flagging, they go in a folder. After July 14 I make and send the lists of 30.

      Later we will gather work for a voluntary traveling art exhibit. This is yet to be determined.

  2. Andrea says:

    Are you still looking for a venue for a gallery showing of the art? Here in Sacramento we have a city-wide, hugely popular tradition called Second Saturday Art Walk. Dozens of galleries show art, people walk and visit them, food and drink places get patrons, live music– It’s really fabulous. The whole midtown area comes alive. It happens tomorrow (second Saturday in June). Shall I see if a gallery can schedule a showing of art cards? What kind of space would it require? How would they be displayed? I’m new so I don’t know what has happened before.
    –Of course people could create online galleries too.

    • I think its best we finish the first deadline, then consider what artists feel is best. However, assembling a package first and presenting it as a travelling exhibition would probably be the best, most presentable way to proceed.

      You could talk up the idea anyway, without concrete proposals at this stage. Say you’re an artist participating in an upcoming travelling exhibit. I don’t think the work will be intended for sale. Considering a self-publishing book project of a juried selection too, to go with the show. Just an idea.

  3. Museum Nerd says:

    As much as this has been great for motivating me to make a lot of art, I may need a month off too. Would it be okay to do it twice in a row though? Maybe I could amass an assembly army of museum nerd types.

  4. mischief says:

    I’m really loving the time challenge of this month’s postings, but will give next month a miss as I think that this month’s #mailart frenzy will drain me creatively. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this one though

  5. asterandsage says:

    i’d like to participate if there’s room for me too!

    • What we are going to do is take everyone on the list and split people into groups of 30. Remember we will be trying to get sponsorship in the end for a major showing.

      The work will be collected to a central point, and then when the show is over, the work that you received in the mail from other participants will go back to you. If its addressed to you, its yours.

  6. Kasten says:

    hope I am still in for the second round! Itching for mail art! @kasten

  7. Sarah Horvat says:

    A sceond round all ready? I may be game

  8. This sounds like fun. I can do with a little adrenalin buzz. Sign me up. I hope I make the deadline.

  9. Andrea says:

    I would love to participate if it isn’t too late!

  10. Diann Haist says:

    I will have a go at round 2 of the #mailart project, count me in.

  11. samthor says:

    i would like to participate. keep me in the loop.

  12. Nancy (Studio N Artist) says:

    I’d like to do this one, too. I love the idea of getting 32 or so original peices from different artists. I’m a little uncertain because I’m finding it dificult to come up with 32 different postcards for the first one still going on. It also takes time away from doing saleable art. I’ll have to get back to you later, once I decide for sure.

  13. @Mark: All clear! Looking forward to it.

  14. Julie says:

    Oh! I think I missed the last one, now that I’ve seen this post – please sign me up! I’d really love to do this 🙂

  15. Don’t forget to read the #MailArt feed on the live twitter search from time to time. I had almost forgotten about it.

  16. Steve Lauman says:

    I’m down.

    Still working on 1.0, though. So much fun!

  17. heidenkind says:

    30 postcards of original art? *gasp!* That is scary! But getting art from everyone else sounds fun. Hrm…. Well, it’s not as if I have a job (real or otherwise) at the moment, so I’m in. 🙂

    Oooh, I have to tell one of my twitter friends about this!

  18. Michele Atwater says:

    At this point ~> I sincerely hope that I can get through #MailArt 1.0; but, nonetheless, how can I possibly resist the tempting allure of #MailArt 2.0~!

    Cheers to All,

  19. I’m in. Having so much fun with the first one!

  20. DobD says:

    I am beyond ready to jump in. If at all possible please includeme in this project!

  21. […] 10, 2009 by juliecaves I will be participating in a mail art project with Mark Philip Venema next month.  At this writing there looks like there is still room.  The […]

  22. juliecaves says:

    Hi Mark,
    Just says hello again in the hope of my link being active so you can contact me!

  23. Hi John. Yes, the total amount you produce in the exchange is about 30 or 33 postcards.

    It does not have to be one per day, although I think that is a good way to pace yourself. You need to have all 30 sent before the August 21 deadline.

    You receive the list of participant’s addresses shortly after the entry deadline on July 14.

    Let me know if that is clear.

  24. So let me get this clear: the goal is to make one mailable (postcard, for example) artwork per day and send it to the 30-32 people on a list that will be provided each day? Is that it?

  25. juliecaves says:

    I was so sorry I just missed the last group.
    So, yes please I would like to participate!


  26. lizzierz says:

    Thank You. I would love to participate too. From Brazil,

  27. Joanna says:

    This sounds fantastic. I’d like to participate, too.

  28. Thanks for doing this again.
    I would love to take part from the UK and France

  29. Sounds cool, and I’d like to participate. I’ve read the earlier description of the rules, but things are still a bit hazy. I guess all will come clear shortly …

  30. I’ll sign up for a second exhange. Anyone want to have a theme, or will it be open-ended like the last one? Remember, once it fills up, with people wanting in, the second group will close. Its first past the post, so don’t delay.

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