Response to LATimes Culture Monster.

I am responding to the issue of Museum Tweeters on LATimes. You can find this comment there as well.

I have been following Museums rather closely on Twitter in the last few months. I tweet under the name @Art_news and list myself under the category of interest for Museums. If I were on that list now, I would rank before the Whitney as No. 7 Ironically, the top museum tweeters in general, are responsive with public replies to their queries which generates a sense of community with their patrons. The number one problem with unsuccessful Museum tweeters is that they do not respond to queries, or even post tweets for that matter. Impersonal “announcements” are also considered rather blase, and render a poor impression of museum and their ability to educate their public. Twitter is about “social networking” and in my view requires an institution to be personal or socially interesting. If they are not, why bother interacting. Usually I discuss art issues. I have generated a #MailART network and moderate lively discussions on twitter in the way I have seen no other museum do, except in one instance the @HolocaustMuseum with some help from those on their live twitter tour.

All of this is to say, I would love to see Museums meet the public’s desire to be heard and educate. Hire me as your tweeter, and you would see no less than a revolution in a museums ability to do social networking. I am amazed at the present response I have received discussing my artwork with my present personal life reality: the pending birth of my fourth child and my move to another apartment.

Posted by: Mark Philip Venema | June 25, 2009 at 07:39 PM

One Comment on “Response to LATimes Culture Monster.”

  1. Ronelle Nicholson says:

    Great response! When I first started on Twitter Mark Venema was the first person to welcome me into the art community that has developed on Twitter. I had followed many museums hoping for something other than dry facts. Many museums don’t post at all! Mark, despite his busy schedule , moderates lively and interesting discussions and because of him I have met an ever growing fascinating group of artists. Museums should take note. Thank you Mark.

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