Artists Supporting Haiti = ASH

This is a dilemma for “artists” behind the lines: How can we help?
I hardly have time to give my little girls enough attention and hugs during the day. We do have our own priorities, we tell ourselves.

Some of us hardly have the stomach to see the photos… but we cannot avert our eyes from suffering. We can’t just sit here and pray. [For those who do, any bit helps, don’t stop praying.] We can’t just wait until Obama comes in with guns blazing and throws down the food packages.

This is one of those “now” things.

Here is where artists have to do something we were born to do:
B e . C r e a t i v e .

We need to stretch our limitations by thinking of completely innovative and constructive solutions to create some minor and major miracles.

Below is an open forum to post to. I want your suggestions about how artists can support Haiti in this time of desperation.
Please tweet this link, facebook it, email it, so we can as many concrete and creative solutions and proposals as possible.

Feel free to make multiple posts, I will try to review tomorrow afternoon.

Be a blessing to the people of Haiti.
Thank you.

12 Comments on “Artists Supporting Haiti = ASH”

  1. PrintShip says:

    As an artist I too was looking for ways to help. Beyond personal donation I decided to use a service that I am building to encourage others to give–I started a small business late last year that helps people create their own etchings [through the mail] who do not have access to printmaking facilities. It is running on a shoestring budget during the launch phase, but we are donating $5 of each purchase to Doctors w/o Borders (an organization we believe deeply in). We will be donating for a while, as the need in Haiti does not end once everyone has received emergency medical care. My plan is to shift the donations to Mercy Corps (our other favorite relief org) once the primary need shifts to support and rebuilding.

  2. Matt Whitney says:

    The church that hosts my studio has asked me to come paint live during a prayer vigil they are having for the victims in Haiti. I have some imagery in mind, and hope that it provides another “door” through which we can express our sorrow. On a base level I wonder about trying to auction the piece but bristle at the appropriateness of trying to sell something, even if all the proceeds were donated.

  3. Thanks so much for comments… keep them coming.

  4. misterbarnes says:

    I read a painful post yesterday about the debt that Haiti is in and how the IMF is holding the 100M they have received against their debt. Their total debt is 265M. If everyone on Facebook would send $1, Haiti could pay off their debt and have a surplus. This needs to happen. Somehow.

  5. bluerubies says:

    Create a fundraiser by donating a percentage of the work you sell to The Red Cross or other reputable organization (perfect for people selling on Etsy or Ebay/other. Have a local bake sale. Have an elaborate dinner party where people contribute a certain amount (Suggested $25-100–but can be lower). Have an art auction at the dinner party. I’m not suggesting a black-tie event, but something more bohemian to make it affordable and fun. Brings artists together and helps with the cause.

  6. nili says:

    It is beautiful of you to make that call. It is so frustrating to sit somewhere safe and know you can not reach out to help, to have instantly someone in need who can grub hold to your helping hand. As artists the first motivation of our choice to become one, is the control we can assume on our lives and our souls . we trade money and power to the freedom and the practice of doing that which is in our hearts. And here we are standing not able to do anything significant. I can’t think of any thing immediate to do other than support existing groups or individuals that know the country and can more officiantly do something once they can get there. But in terms of long terms solutions like what kind of network we can build to tackle similar situations, I think that with our creative thinking we can contribute a lot and can do much to make a difference.

  7. Jeanette says:

    I have donated a print and am auctioning it on Ebay with the proceeds being donated to Doctors without Borders.

    Its not much, but every bit helps.

  8. […] Artists Supporting Haiti = ASH […]

  9. Hope says:

    One thing artists can do is make art that is a conduit for the range of emotions we are all experiencing as people. Maybe we can do an online art auction with proceeds of purchased works going to provide relief to arts agencies operating in Haiti or to a fund designed to help artists living in Haiti survive this challenging period. I’ll keep the ideas coming….

  10. I can honestly say, I am at a lose to find creative solutions.

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