Artists Supporting Haiti = ASH

This is a dilemma for “artists” behind the lines: How can we help?
I hardly have time to give my little girls enough attention and hugs during the day. We do have our own priorities, we tell ourselves.

Some of us hardly have the stomach to see the photos… but we cannot avert our eyes from suffering. We can’t just sit here and pray. [For those who do, any bit helps, don’t stop praying.] We can’t just wait until Obama comes in with guns blazing and throws down the food packages.

This is one of those “now” things.

Here is where artists have to do something we were born to do:
B e . C r e a t i v e .

We need to stretch our limitations by thinking of completely innovative and constructive solutions to create some minor and major miracles.

Below is an open forum to post to. I want your suggestions about how artists can support Haiti in this time of desperation.
Please tweet this link, facebook it, email it, so we can as many concrete and creative solutions and proposals as possible.

Feel free to make multiple posts, I will try to review tomorrow afternoon.

Be a blessing to the people of Haiti.
Thank you.

Learning From… Los Angeles

28 May 2009 07:00 PM
Canadian Centre for Architecture CCA/Montreal [Press release]
Paul Desmarais Theatre
Admission: Free

Los Angeles-based historian and tour guide Richard Schave examines developments in Los Angeles in the 35 years since the landmark urban tour film Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles (UK,1972).
Schave, a former student of Banham, elaborates on his professor’s research by showing excerpts of the film in comparison with his own documentary photography. In particular, he explores signage, contextual environments, pop culture, and industry as driving force of environment. He touches on the modern architecture of Los Angeles, including the work of Richard Neutra, R.M. Schindler and Irving Gill.
Richard Schave is a guide for Esotouric Bus Adventures, a company that reinvents the guided bus tour by providing half-day excursions into the layers of history, culture, architecture and literature of the modern city of Los Angeles. He is incoming Director of the Downtown L.A. Art Walk, a successful grassroots event that revives long abandoned public spaces.
The Learning From… series takes its title from Learning From Las Vegas (1972), Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour’s influential publication, which analysed the commercial strips and architectural symbolism of Las Vegas in order to understand urban sprawl. In this spirit, the series brings together experts to explore specific urban conditions and their relevance to the future development of cities.
Presented in English.